The first dual-version citycar

Elettric Engine

Clean and quiet: a wonder for our environment.

Electric engine powered by long-life lithium batteries. From now on, 100 kilometres will cost you only 2 euro.

Heat Engine

Elegance, technology, and practicality in a classic engine.
500 cubic centimetres at your disposal.
Driving it in the city will be a pleasure.

Thanks to its configuration, Dany is the car for all ages. Read below
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Dany Elettrica Dany Termica Presentazione Dany Ara Pacis
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Dany in Rome

Avoid traffic, have access to the historic centre of town,* and meet all needs of adults and kids.

* electric engine version only

Safety before all else

Safety and reliability form the bases for Belumbury’s design.

Dany boasts both passive and active safety systems, rare in a city car: flat bottom, disc brakes, front crash box, ample crumple zones, rigid super-resistant steel structure, and more.

Practicality and beauty all in a single body

The Belumbury style consists of a design made of harmonious forms in which all the contours are homogeneous and consistent, and the values of Italian tradition are combined perfectly with lively, innovative elements.

A commitment for the protection of our environment

Belumbury Green Mobility is the project whose aim is to produce products that reduce environmental impact to a minimum, without neglecting aesthetics and practicality.

Dany is the first formidable product of this philosophy.
Beautiful, technological, and comfortable, it does not pollute and does not disturb.

Dany: driving within everyone’s reach

Because of its characteristics, Dany falls into the heavy quadricycle category. For this reason Dany is both a city car and a microcar. In fact, it can be driven by anyone 16 years of age or older.

It is sufficient to have a proprer driver's licence.

Presentation of Dany at the Ara Pacis Museum in Rome
16 Dicember 2010
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