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The Belumbury style does not only consider the problem of interior comfort, but offers a design made of harmonious forms in which all the contours are homogeneous and consistent, and the values of Italian tradition are combined perfectly with lively, innovative elements: a style mindful of Italian culture and, in particular, of one of its maximum expressions – fashion.


An expression of sportiness and elegance typical of Italian style give Dany a unique charm, intended for both young and adult users.


The interiors, also thanks to the standard features offered, are comfortable and characterized by understated elegance, recalling the sturdiness of higher category vehicles and providing passengers with sensations that have been missing in this type of car up to now.

The design phases

1. Frame design

2. Ergonomics study

3. Body design

4. Interior design

5. Final rendering
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Belumbury Green MobilityGo

This is our commitment to respect the environment. Dany cares about nature.

Safety countsGo

This was our first goal, and we achieved and surpassed it

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