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A very important aspect is safety, on which it is necessary to be extremely rigorous. And we are.
Active safety

The low centre of gravity, obtained through the innovative adoption of a flat bottom, long wheelbase and wide tracks, balanced weight distribution, sophisticated suspension system, and four disc brakes – unique characteristics for a city car – provide truly unusual vehicle dynamics for the category of reference.

Responsive steering, short braking space, and fun and dynamic but progressive and sincere road-holding ability ensure a highly enjoyable driving experience and active safety on all types of road surfaces.

The limited steering diameter (8.4 m) makes it possible to manoeuvre even the tightest urban spaces.

Passive safety

An absolute innovation for passenger cars is the presence at the front of a crash box made of a composite carbon- aluminium material, which is capable of gently absorbing impact energy. The system, borrowed from racing cars, limits the decelerations transmitted to the driver and passengers in the case of a head-on collision.

A high-resistance steel survival cell extending over the space protects from blows coming from any direction, including those from overturning.

Side bars and strong anchoring hinges are provided in the side doors.
A tall deformable space protects, in the event of rear-end collisions, the passengers sitting in the back.

The meticulous design of the basic steel frame, aided by the specifically contoured centre tunnel in aluminium, distributes the impact energy throughout all the elements of the frame, limiting its deformation

The fuel tank in the heat engine version and the lithium-ion batteries in the electric one are situated in a protected position within the track space.

Safety belts for the front and back seats complete the fittings of a first-class vehicle for passive safety.

What makes Dany a super-safe city car...

Ample crumple zone
Long wheelbase for interior comfort
Exclusive CRASHBOX

McPherson suspension system and four disc brakes
F-E-M analysis to improve the weight-rigidity ratio
Flat bottom to lower the centre of gravity and
increase the height of the passenger compartment
Ergonomics and comfort analyses:
four comfortable seats
in just over three metres' lengthi
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