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The numbers:

Maximum speed: 90 km/h
Displacement: 505 cc
Passengers: 4
Length: 3,18 m
Autonomy: 470 Km
Steering diameter: 8,4 m


Datasheet (Heat Engine Belumbury Dany)


Lombardini LGW 523 mpi, 505 cc 4T 15kW


Rack and pinion
Steering diameter: 8.4 m


Type: self-ventilating discs and dual-piston calipers, front and rear

Vehicle body

Type: 3-module metal tube space frame
Material: High-resistance steels
Safety structure: Front crash-box

Type: interior/exterior panels
Materials: thermoformed ABS-PMMA, miscellaneous composite materials
Number of doors /seats: 3 / 4
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Dimensions and masses

Length: 3185 mm
Width: 1613 mm
Height: 1484 mm
Wheelbase/track: 2270 mm / 1410 mm
Curb mass weight: 550 kg
Maximum mass: 925 kg


Maximum speed: 90 km/h
Maximum slope: 23% (full load)
Consumption: ~ 26 km/l (combined cycle)
Autonomy: ~ 470 km

Road approval

Type: Quadricycle (category L7e, transport of persons and goods)
Driver's licence: A1 or higher (A, B)

Why have a?

It's small, compact, and agile: it gets around the city and avoids traffic.

Sixteen-year-olds can drive it and it is an alternative to microcars.

It's spacious: it holds up to four persons and a large boot load.

It's safe and reliable thanks to all its safety systems.

Safety countsGo

This was our first goal,
and we achieved and surpassed it.

An unmistakable styleGo

Dany features Italian style combined with innovative elements
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