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The numbers:

Maximum speed: 85 km/h
Cost: 2,2 eurocent/km
Passengers: 4
Length: 3,18 m
Autonomy: 160 Km
Steering diameter: 8,4 m

The advantages of owning Electric ...

The electric engine Dany respects nature: zero pollution and zero noise More

The electric engine Dany takes you anywhere, even into your town’s historic centreMore

The electric engine Dany is the city car for the whole family: 16-year-olds can drive it More

The electric engine Dany recharges using your household socket, at a cost of € 2.20 More
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Find out why Dany is the real revolution in urban mobility

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Belumbury Green Mobility: our commitment for the environment

With the expression "sustainable mobility", Dany means the need to have an urban mobility system that, while enabling each user to exercise his or her right to mobility, is such that it does not weigh excessively on the social system in terms of atmospheric pollution, sound pollution, traffic congestion, and accidents.

The electric engine Dany goes anywhere and everywhere, including restricted traffic areas.

Thanks to its clean engine and small size, Dany has free access to all your town's streets, avoiding traffic and moving easily through parking areas and the smallest alleys.

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It can be driven by everyone

Because of its characteristics, Dany falls into the heavy quadricycle category. For this reason Dany is both a city car and a microcar. In fact, it can be driven by anyone 16 years of age or older.

It is sufficient to have a proper driver's licence.

NB. The same goes for the heat engine version.

Where to recharge Dany? How much does a total recharge cost?

Dany is simple to recharge:

• using a household socket with normal 220 V voltage

• at recharging stations along the roads

A recharge costs only € 2.20 and with it you can run up to 160 km.

Datasheet (Electric Engine Belumbury Dany)

Electric drive unit

Engine type: high-efficiency 3-phase asynchronous AC motor
Position: Rear, in front of the rear axle
Continuous power (rpm): 10 kW (max. 7800 min-1)
Maximum torque (at start-up): 140 N/m
Engine controller: inverter (field-oriented), three modes: ECO-RACE-HILL HOLDER
Transmission: Single-ratio (10:1) gearbox and homokinetic axle shafts, on the rear wheels

Battery unit

Battery type: Li-ion, iron phosphate (Li-FePO4)
Cell capacity: 32 160Ah cells
Total rated voltage: 102 V
Total energy: 16.3 kWh
Charge/discharge cycles: up to 3000 cycles
Mass / Volume: 179 kg/126 l
Management system: BMS with control of charge-discharge parameters and total battery protection Plug-in battery charger: BMS-integrated, max. 2.4 kW (household current 220 V)
Total recharge time: max. 8 hours (with balancing of ~ 1 hour)

Vehicle body

Type: 3-module metal tube space frame
Material: High-resistance steels
Safety structure: Front crash-box

Type: interior/exterior panels
Materials: thermoformed ABS-PMMA, miscellaneous composite materials
Number of doors /seats: 3 / 4
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Dimensions and masses

Length: 3185 mm
Width: 1613 mm
Height: 1484 mm
Wheelbase/track: 2270 mm / 1410 mm
Curb mass weight: 690 kg
Maximum mass: 1020 kg


Rack and pinion
Steering diameter: 8.4 m


Type: self-ventilating discs and dual-piston calipers, front and rear


Maximum speed: 96 km/h
Autonomy: up to 130 km (RACE mode),
over 160 km (ECO mode)
Cost per kilometre: ~ 1,5 eurocent/km (urban)

Road approval

Type: Quadricycle (category L7e, transport of persons and goods)
Driver's licence: A1 or higher (A, B)
What makes Dany special...

An unmistakable style Go

Dany features Italian style combined with innovative elements.

Safety countsVai

This was our first goal,
and we achieved and surpassed it.

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