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Dany is the clean car that leaves no trace of its passing, runs silently, and can enter all historic centres.

Belumbury Green Mobility

With the expression “sustainable mobility", Dany means the need to have an urban mobility system that, while enabling each user to exercise his or her right to mobility, is such that it does not weigh excessively on the social system in terms of atmospheric pollution, noise pollution, traffic congestion, and mobility.

The problem of urban mobility must be tackled with urgency in all the world’s metropolises, as it is estimated that city traffic jams produce external costs amounting to 0.5% of the gross domestic product.

All the measures that have been prepared and implemented in recent years are based on the hope that traffic will be made to run more smoothly and with a low level of polluting emissions.

The introduction of solutions that are ecologically preferable also makes it possible to improve the environmental situation with regard to air quality, noise, and the emission of greenhouse gases, and consequently has positive effects on the quality of living.

Sustainable mobility represents a factor of social qualification also because it brings about the establishment of virtuous processes that lead to a reduction of traffic and increase of road safety.

Incentives for those who drive an electric vehicle:

• 5 years with no excise licence

All types of exclusively electric-drive vehicles pay no annual excise licence for a period of five years from their first registration.
Hybrid vehicles, having an endothermic engine also, do not fall into this exemption category.
From the sixth year on, an excise licence amounting to 25% of that envisaged for a corresponding petrol-run vehicle is paid.

The regulation is valid nationwide.


• Insurance costs

Comparing the offers of various insurance companies, it can be seen that those who don’t pollute help their own wallets also.
In fact, having exact information at hand such as the power in kWh or the classic taxable horsepower, the alternative petrol model to be compared with, the equipment and features, and the car value, it can be seen that the differences between two basic policies with the “bonus/malus” formula, limited to third-party liability only and with the legal minimum liability limits, amount to around 50%, sometimes even more, in the electric vehicle’s favour.

• 5,000 euro from 2012

By the early months of the coming year, the incentives will be available.

Finally Italy will be joining the other European countries: a bonus of 5,000 euro for the purchase of electric vehicles and grants for the renewal of the vehicle fleets of local authorities. Battery-run cars will become competitive in Italy, too.

Moreover, the provision should become reality in record time, considering the fact that it was approved by the joint Transport and Production Activities commission, and with a bipartisan vote.

“The development of ecocompatible mobility,” explained PDL MPs Deborah Bergamini, rapporteur of the provision, Mario Valducci, Chairman of the Transport Commission, Sandro Biasotti, PDL party head of the Commission, and Vincenzo Garofalo, member of the Transport Commission, “contributes to the improvement of the quality of living in the large metropolitan areas of our country, and decreases dependency on fossil fuels, as requested of us by Europe.”

“The law,” the Parliamentarians conclude, “envisages incentives of around 5,000 euro for the purchase of electric vehicles, through a 1.5 eurocent tax on plastic bottles. The provision also envisages the creation of public recharging points and wind- and photovoltaic-powered facilities for refuelling, as well as support for research in a sector that is growing by 30% each year.”


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