Company founded by Stefano Maccagnani to become leader in the automotive branch by creating innovative cars that stand out for their technology, originality, creativity, and design.
The new brand intends to endow the cars it produces with the capabilities of the typical Italian "do-all" concept. This new city car has been created with the contributions of the creative and technical talents of such collaborators as the University of Camerino, Picchio for the vehicle's basic design, mechanics and dynamics, and Carcerano for the restyling of the exterior and design of the interior.
Stefano Maccagnani's passion has led him to envision a challenging future rich with projects. Indeed, he already has in mind other products to be implemented with the latest arrival. As of today, the total investments amount to approximately 14 million euro. The development program envisages further investments to be distributed over a three-year period to consolidate the project.


Cinema production


Design and engineering

Restaurants and Hotels

Yacht Design

Fashion Design

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Registered office: Production facilities: VAT n°: 11184871009
Via Principe Amedeo 11 - 10123 Turin, Italy Via Tiburtina 1292, 00131 Rome, Italy E-mail:
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